Janelle Steiner

Janelle Steiner joined Triangle Associates with extensive experience in managing, developing and implementing innovative science education programs. She has been involved in the field of education for over thirteen years and has worked in both formal and non-formal educational settings. During this time, Janelle has taught grades K-12, developed and facilitated teacher trainings, published curriculum guides, and built youth education programs from the ground up. She has worked extensively with diverse student populations and is a Washington State certified K-8 teacher with direct classroom experience.

Janelle brings a wealth of knowledge in the science education field. She has a solid understanding of developmentally appropriate pedagogy and national science education requirements. She is creative in her approach, mindful of various learning styles, and designs education programs through an integrative lens.

During her free time, Janelle spends her time outdoors: hiking, sailing, surfing, skiing, and running when possible. She also enjoys tending to her garden and has a passion for native plant gardening, birding, and discovering new music.

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