Joy Juelson

Joy Juelson joined Triangle in May of 2018 and brings over 20 years of natural resources management and stakeholder engagement experience to the facilitation and public involvement team.  Joy earned a MS in Natural Resource Policy from Central Washington University in 2001.  Her experience includes working with diverse groups and managing projects and programs. Joy has a wide-ranging understanding of natural resource and conservation issues.  She has worked across multiple scientific disciplines including: fisheries, ecology, forestry/fire, and GIS and in multiple sectors including: Public Utility Districts, non-profit, private environmental consulting, county and Federal government entities. In addition to this, Joy has also worked closely with tribal governments.  Her breadth of salmon recovery experience is extensive from field research to implementation of recovery projects.  As a habitat project sponsor and manager, she developed and implemented over 18 habitat recovery projects that reconnected floodplains, removed barriers, and added complexity to rivers. She also managed funding allocation processes for over 5+ million dollars annually from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) to align funding with prioritized recovery actions identified in a Regional Salmon Recovery Plan. This work gave her the foundation for the people and policy-based work that she achieved while facilitating regional implementation teams, regional technical teams, habitat design teams, watershed and stakeholder meetings in implementing a Salmon Recovery Plan in the Upper Columbia Region.  Over the years, Joy has developed techniques and tools useful for moving diverse groups toward a common goal and believes some of the most important gifts she brings to a collaborative process are deep listening skills, humor, and a calm and focused demeanor.

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