Scott Zinn

Scott Zinn has over 13 years of strategic and functional marketing experience providing a well-balanced approach to both traditional and progressive client engagement and is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Triangle Associates in Seattle, Washington. Scott has expertise developing engagement roadmaps involving brand equity, strategic market positioning, and internal process development for community impact organizations. Scott’s expertise pulls from his educational background in Communication Design as well as his professional experience with both corporate and non-profit/start-ups, both of which informs his holistic process approach through assessments, high organization, and qualitative best practices.

Scott is highly organized and his ability to consistently maintain focus on outcomes while navigating the development landscape compliments and balances his easy going and personable approach with clients and project participants. His skills involve working with organizational and external resources to identify brand strengths and weaknesses, building the value proposition, and strategically positioning the organization to build win-win partnerships and friendships. Scott was trained in visual communications and partner building, and truly believes that these tools can positively influence and advance perception in the marketplace.

Scott is from urban Southern California but he absolutely enjoys the unique mix of nature, culture, and industry in Seattle. His background in competitive volleyball and music provide a creative and disciplined outlet.


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