Triangle has created and delivered highly-rated, innovative education programs for schools on environmental issues for over two decades. In 2009, we were awarded the EEAW Award for Organizational Excellence in Environmental Education.

We develop and offer these programs on behalf of our local public agency clients (for example cities, counties, utility and sewer districts) who wish to engage and inform youth in their communities.

Triangle Associates makes the client’s life easier by crafting effective approaches and tailoring our product to their goals.

Triangle’s education team includes:

Triangle’s education services include:

  • Classroom Workshops: We provide hands-on, interactive workshops that encourage students to discuss, debate, and discover “why I should care” about the topic and inform students on what they can do to make a difference.
  • Assemblies: All-school assemblies provide an opportunity to educate and inform the entire school about the client’s key messages, generating excitement among teachers and students to take action.
  • Teacher Trainings: We connect client messages to current curriculum and give teachers the tools and materials, including lessons and activities, to continue the education in their classrooms.
  • Technical Assistance: We help schools and districts improve or expand conservation practices through providing strategic advice and recommendations for change.
  • Student Action Projects: We provide teachers with resources, networking and grant opportunities, along with classroom visits and recognition in order to inspire action and promote behavior change in schools.
  • Community Presentations: We target client messages to community groups with the goal of promoting informed decision-making and behavior change.

The Triangle team develops successful and sustainable education programs to meet the needs of three audiences:

  1. Local public agency program staff who are mandated to promote key messages,
  2. Teachers who are mandated to fulfill Essential Academic Learning Requirements, and
  3. The students themselves who require developmentally-appropriate material to internalize these important lessons.

Our team of highly experienced educators responds to realistic considerations of budget, resources and schedules. We can demonstrate student learning at every grade level through statistically proven development in knowledge.

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