Annalise Ritter

As a member of Triangle’s facilitation and public involvement team, Annalise supports both natural resources and urban planning projects. She brings experience from the non-profit sector in coordinating public events and designing educational programs around urban environmental issues, as well as a background in international and intercultural education. Annalise has produced numerous presentations, reports, and summaries that communicate complex technical information in a succinct and comprehensible manner for the intended audience. She has also provided high quality graphics and interactive materials to facilitate engagement among various groups, such as agricultural and conservation experts, stakeholders of local Superfund cleanup efforts, forest policy professionals, and collaborators in salmon recovery. She enjoys using creative communication skills to deepen and diversify dialogues about environmental health.

Annalise holds a M.A.Ed. in Urban Environmental Education from Antioch University Seattle and IslandWood. She also has a self-designed B.A. in Creative Education for Sustainability from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Locally, she completed the City of Seattle’s People’s Academy of Community Engagement (PACE) program.

Annalise is a professional artist and dancer, and an avid student of languages ranging from Spanish to Japanese. You can often find her exploring new environments, traveling, learning choreography on lunch breaks, and practicing aerial arts.

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