Annalise Ritter

Annalise Ritter is a graphic facilitator and environmental public policy professional who supports collaborative decision-making in natural resource management, urban planning, and environmental health. Drawing from her background in environmental education and visual arts, Annalise helps groups of stakeholders communicate about and solve complex problems using visual tools that engage participants’ creativity and unique knowledge. She employs environmental justice and equity principles to create inclusive spaces for dialogue and collaboration at the nexus between government agencies, community organizations and members, tribal governments, private companies, and the public. She is known for her people-focused facilitation style and her ability to communicate highly technical information to a wide variety of audiences.

Annalise holds a M.A.Ed. in Urban Environmental Education from Antioch University Seattle and IslandWood. She trained in graphic facilitation at the Grove Consultants in San Francisco, CA and at Visualizing Change in Oakland, CA. Locally, she completed the City of Seattle’s People’s Academy of Community Engagement (PACE) program.

Annalise is also a dancer, an aerialist, and an avid student of languages ranging from Spanish to Japanese. You can often find her exploring new ecosystems, traveling, learning choreography on lunch breaks, and honing her acrobatic skills.

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