Annie Kilburg Smith

Annie Kilburg Smith is based in Portland, Oregon, and has over 10 years of experience providing mediation and facilitation services for dispute-resolution processes with government entities. Annie began her professional career working in a litigation setting and learned that collaborative problem-solving with engaged participants makes for better decisions. Annie now works on natural resource and environmental policy projects in collaboration with diverse community groups, stakeholders and Tribal, federal, and state representatives to facilitate neutral third-party dialogue and conflict resolution.

Annie has both a structured style and adaptable conflict resolution skills, which lend themselves to working in any setting with confidence and calmness. Her experience working in areas with diverse interest groups stems from growing up in rural Oregon and now residing in urban Oregon. This contributes to her ability to bring a wide lens of opinions and varied expertise together to look for opportunities to bridge those dialogues. Annie is an expert in organization, facilitation, and project management. She provides opportunities for groups to collaborate, resolve issues, and develop mutually acceptable solutions through consensus-based decision-making.

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