Ashley Hill

Ashley Hill joined Triangle in 2019. Her work involves presenting workshops and providing technical assistance to schools. She brings experience in student mentorship, environmental education, and community outreach to this position. Ashley is excited to be working in her local community and building relationships rooted in education.

Ashley received a B.S. in Environmental Science and an M.Ed. in Environmental Education from Western Washington University. In her education and previous professional experience, she spent time SCUBA diving and falling in love with coral reefs. While underwater, she cultivated an appreciation for flexibility while teaching. She carries this adaptability into classrooms and invites students to get curious and think critically about their environment. During her time living and working in North Cascades National Park, Ashley deepened her knowledge of the social and cultural aspects of the Washington landscape. She is excited to help students understand their environment through fun and engaging workshops.

Cats, plants, and reading are a few of Ashley’s favorite things. She loves being on boats, smelling salty ocean air, and sharing meals with people she loves.

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