Betsy Daniels

Betsy DanielsĀ has 20 years of experience in the design and facilitation of multi-jurisdictional and multi-party processes involving local, state, federal, and tribal governments; scientists; non-governmental organizations; and stakeholders involved in natural resource management and environmental justice (EJ) issues. Betsy works with both small organizations and large agencies on goal setting and visioning, strategic planning, collaborative decision-making and conflict resolution. She’s worked closely with tribal and non-tribal governments throughout the Northwest to design and implement effective collaboration.

Betsy has a flexible style in which she responds and adapts to the needs of her clients and project participants. She assists groups in finding clear roles and responsibilities, utilizing and translating scientific information, and ensuring that all voices are heard. Betsy provides her clients and project participants with procedural, substantive, and emotional satisfaction within a fair process.

Betsy has published on a variety of topics including tribal/county intergovernmental cooperation, watershed community-building, coastal management, and the selective breeding of fishes. She is the only practitioner on the west coast selected for the national EPA Title VI Environmental Justice Roster.

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