Kizz Prusia

When policies are crafted, it is not uncommon for the decision-making process itself to be exclusive. This looks like a few voices, making decisions that will impact the many. As a public policy project associate at Triangle Associates, Kizz Prusia focuses on fostering collaborative group processes that make decision-making inclusive.

Kizz supports multiple stakeholders in discerning land use decisions, including those related to affordable housing, transportation and mobility, and the cleanup of Superfund sites. As a member of Triangle’s Public Involvement and Facilitation team Kizz has worked with federal, state and local agencies and supported a broad range of groups, from large public forums, to technical committee meetings, to designing and planning equitable outreach with immigrant and refugee community members.

Kizz has helped a collaborative group of 50 Community Leaders, representing different organizations, participate in the design of a Superfund site cleanup, coordinated with a council of governments to update their Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) with input from 10 different jurisdictions and stakeholders, and implemented listening sessions with 4 community-based organizations (CBOs) to reach Arabic, Somali, and Spanish speakers to improve transportation in underserved areas of King County.

His expertise includes urban planning, the built environment, public involvement and inclusive outreach. Kizz holds an M.U.P from the Department of Urban Design and Planning (UDP) and an M.P.A from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at University of Washington, as well as a B.A. in Race and Ethnic Studies from the University of Redlands. What Kizz enjoys about his work is the impact that comes from creating processes that allow multiple voices to be heard and valued within decision-making processes. Kizz is a board member with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and spends his free time exploring the built and natural environment.

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