Robert Rocha

Robert Rocha joined the Triangle team in 2016 with a wide variety of skills and experience.  He currently teaches classroom workshops in both King and Snohomish Counties and assists with new curriculum development.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Applied Human Sciences, Robert began his career in the health care industry. He soon realized that his true passion was to educate and empower students, and he obtained his master’s degree in Curriculum Design and Instruction.  After becoming a certified teacher, he worked as a teacher, coach and athletic director for several years, growing and empowering students on many different levels.

As a classroom teacher, Robert taught life science classes, developed and piloted a new curriculum, and worked with the school community to implement waste reduction and conservation practices. His energy, ability to be dynamic and communicate to all levels of students make his classrooms lively places.

In his work at Triangle, Robert is excited to educate students on different environmental topics while encouraging them to live well and to be mindful of all lifeforms on our planet.

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