Sara Gersten-Rothenberg

Sara Gersten-Rothenberg brings over 20 years of experience in project management, environmental and arts education, community outreach and school program coordination.  Sara has worked at Triangle since 2001, developing innovative community outreach and school-based conservation programs for public and private clients. She designs and manages projects, taking them from inception through implementation and evaluation and manages comprehensive programs on topics of waste reduction and recycling, climate change, energy conservation, renewable energy, and water conservation.

As a company leader, Sara is instrumental in facilitating staff development and expansion of topic expertise within the Triangle Education Team. Sara understands the school community, has worked with teachers and students of all ages and is adept at developing relevant programs that engage, inform and inspire people.  Sara has been the creative force behind Triangle’s award winning elementary school theatrical assemblies.  Sara has developed curriculum and provided workshops for over 1,000 King and Snohomish County classrooms.

Before joining Triangle, Sara was the director of a national pilot youth center program.  Sara is a former National and two-time World Champion Ultimate Frisbee player.  Her favorite activity is playing with her family and trying to keep up with her two growing girls.

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