Sara Gersten-Rothenberg

Sara Gersten-Rothenberg, Co-President of Triangle, holds over 25 years of experience in leadership, project management, environmental and arts education, community outreach and school program coordination. Sara brings deep knowledge of and experience with diverse school communities and an understanding of best practices in education and student cognitive development. Since joining Triangle in 2001, she has been leading teams in developing innovative and effective programs for public and private clients. Taking projects from inception through implementation and evaluation, Sara helps clients build important lasting relationship bridges to their local school communities. With a focus on topics such as waste reduction and recycling, climate change, environmental justice, renewable energy and water conservation, Sara has been the creative force behind Triangle’s integration of theater arts into science-based programming. She is honored to have seen the inside of more than 3,000 K-12 classrooms.

As a company leader, Sara is instrumental in facilitating staff development and expansion of topic expertise. She is proud to have co-led the development of Triangle’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan, bringing an equity lens to Triangle’s internal organizational culture as well as to our work within the communities we serve.

Outside of Triangle, Sara is a creative re-use crafter, devoted parent, and former National and two-time World Champion Ultimate Frisbee player. Her favorite non-work activity continues to be playing with her family and trying to keep up with her two growing kiddos.

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