King County Parks Department River Safety Program

SERVICE AREA: Youth Education



We teach students about King County Rivers, the animals that depend on them and strategies to stay safe near rivers.


Project Description

Triangle develops and implements a river safety education program for students, grades 1-2, that live or goes to school near a King County river on behalf of the King County Parks and Recreation Division. The purpose of the program is to promote and instill a “lifelong river ethic”, a basic understanding of river ecology, river safety skills, and the proper way to wear a life jacket. Triangle staff performs The River Safety Road Show, which includes a larger than life river otter mascot named Marta, a ukulele playing river guide named Georgie, and an interactive PowerPoint presentation complete with images and videos of rivers and the animals that depend on them. This program also includes a river safety song and time for students to practice trying on a life jacket.


Date : 2016 - present

Client : King County Parks Department

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