Rural and Agricultural Land Use Policy Facilitation


Dairy Multi-Stakeholder Initiative Facilitation

SERVICE AREA: Facilitation and Mediation

Working with co-hosts Starbucks and Costco, Triangle facilitated a dialogue about developing and implementing health and safety standards for dairy farmworkers. Triangle conducted a pre-meeting assessment with key representatives of the multi-stakeholder initiative, which included farmworker advocates, farmer and producer representatives, farm associations, milk buyers, and others involved in the dairy supply chain. In the meeting, Triangle presented the results of the assessment and facilitated a process to re-engage members of the initiative around common goals and objectives. Triangle then facilitated a two-day meeting and follow-up calls to finalize a pilot program for dairy worker health and safety standards.



Benton County Marijuana and Hemp Stakeholder Working Group Facilitation

SERVICE AREA: Facilitation and Mediation

Triangle serves as the lead project manager, facilitator, and mediator for Benton County’s working group process on two proposed code amendments on the topics of industrial performance standards and marijuana and hemp growing and processing. Triangle worked with two Benton County planners to develop an inclusive list of potential individuals to recruit as working group members, conduct an assessment with the working group members, plan for and facilitate four meetings for each working group, and facilitate a field trip and is in the process of planning a public meeting, which Triangle staff will facilitate, on these topics.

The working groups were made up of citizen and expert membership to discuss proposed code amendments on controversial agricultural products being grown and processed in residential and industrial zones and surrounding areas. This process has included individuals from various backgrounds and perspectives, with passionate opinions supported by moral justification. The conflicts during this process were generally between neighbors who did not agree with these agricultural products being grown near or close to their homes and those who were growing and/or processing them. The working groups developed recommendations that were submitted to the County to inform the revisions to the code. The revised code will then be shared, and the opportunity for feedback will occur at the public meeting.



King Conservation District Strategic Advisory Committee Facilitation

SERVICE AREA: Facilitation and Mediation

Triangle supported King Conservation District (KCD) in engaging stakeholders in the development of its next five-year strategic plan using a Theory of Change model. KCD provides education and technical assistance to landowners, and residents chose the Theory of Change model to map how KCD’s services could influence behavior change that would lead to a healthier ecosystem. KCD convened a Strategic Advisory Committee for each of its program areas (Agriculture, Forests and Shorelines) to evaluate how its programs could support constituents in improving their land management and conservation practices. Triangle assisted with the planning and running of four Strategic Advisory Committee meetings, designed and facilitated activities tailored to Theory of Change models, and provided graphic notetaking services during the meetings. Triangle helped to synthesize the Committees’ feedback to guide KCD’s subsequent strategic plan development.

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