Triangle brings Spanish language recycling education programs to schools this fall

Triangle brings Spanish language recycling education programs to schools this fall

Did you know that Spanish is the second most popular native language in the world? Spanish is the first language for more than 390 million people world-wide—that’s more than the number of people globally for whom English is a first language.

The Puget Sound region is experiencing a robust increase in population and many new residents are families who speak Spanish. In Washington state public schools, 65% of English Language Learner students speak Spanish. It can be difficult to learn the regional recycling rules, but if you don’t speak English as a first language it can be even harder. That’s why Triangle has been working with various clients to share waste reduction and recycling messages with the Spanish-speaking community.

To meet the needs of our increasingly diverse population, Triangle Associates is excited to offer educational programming both entirely in Spanish and as a Spanish/English bilingual program. Triangle has developed a hands-on classroom workshop as well as an interactive theatrical storytelling program for younger elementary grades. Both of these programs teach students about conserving natural resources, reducing waste and recycling correctly. The programs are offered throughout select elementary schools and community centers in King and Snohomish counties.

Triangle prides itself on delivering all programs in a culturally competent manner, with a deep respect for the habits and prior knowledge of the communities with whom we work with. In developing the new elementary school Spanish language programs, Triangle took extra care to include relevant recycling vocabulary in Spanish, to understand and address obstacles to recycling in the Latino community, to include commonly purchased grocery store products as examples, and much more.

Triangle is excited to offer these new programs and looks forward to working with the Spanish-speaking community to recycle more and protect our environment!

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