Triangle Facilitates Statewide “Housing Affordability Response Team”

Triangle Facilitates Statewide “Housing Affordability Response Team”

Across Washington State, people are feeling the pinch of the affordable housing crisis. In early 2017, Governor Inslee asked the Department of Commerce to convene the “Housing Affordability Response Team” (HART) to provide him recommendations on how to address the shortage of affordable housing. Triangle was hired to facilitate HART and we successfully brought together affordable housing advocates, private real estate developers, housing financing experts, local government representatives and others to identify barriers to affordable housing.

The Governor asked for recommendations by June 1, and to meet this ambitious deadline, Triangle designed a process that would allow HART members to learn about pertinent issues, generate recommendations on an ongoing basis, and then refine the recommendations through a voting process at their last meeting.

Over a series of five meetings, HART members discussed how land use, permitting, construction, regulations, funding, and financing all affected the supply of housing. Triangle helped organize presentations by subject matter experts so that HART members were developing recommendations based on the latest data and approaches.

Triangle helped the diverse group of stakeholders generate over 80 recommendations and then whittle these down to just seven main recommendations. HART developed a report to Governor Inslee that described these seven recommendations in detail. You can read the full report here.

The full HART Report has laid the technical groundwork for future legislative, investment, and regulatory proposals that will likely come to light in the 2018 Legislative Session.

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