Triangle’s Summer 2017 Retreat

Triangle’s Summer 2017 Retreat

For this year’s Triangle Company retreat, staff visited the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial where they had the opportunity to listen to and talk with survivors of the U.S. Japanese Internment. Staff also visited the Wyckoff Co./Eagle Harbor Superfund Site to see an ongoing and long-term clean-up.

The Internment Memorial is located on the former Eagledale ferry dock on Bainbridge Island where, on March 30, 1942, 227 men, women and children were forced from their homes by US Army soldiers, armed with weapons and told to board a ferry headed for Seattle. Upon returning to what was their home after the Internment 3 years later, survivors often found they had lost their home and land altogether and were discriminated against due to being a Japanese American. The motto and mission of the Bainbridge Island Memorial is Nidoto Nai Yoni, translated as “Let It Not Happen Again”

The Triangle team then headed to the Wyckoff Co./Eagle Harbor Superfund Site. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) added Eagle Harbor to the Superfund site list in 1987, when environmental investigations discovered contamination in soils, groundwater, and sediment. The contaminants found include creosote and other wood preserving chemicals from Wyckoff wood treating facility, and mercury and other metals from a former shipyard. The clean-up is an ongoing process and additional clean-up is needed in the soil, groundwater, and nearby beaches. To learn more about the site, access the site’s website

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