Simone Barley-Greenfield

Simone Barley-Greenfield supports natural resources multi-stakeholder facilitation for Triangle’s public involvement and facilitation team. Simone brings experience working at the nexus of policy, people, and coastal watershed ecosystems while managing collaboration among government entities and other stakeholders. With a foundation in marine ecology and coastal management, Simone focuses on coastal resource and watershed projects that involve both environmental and human dimensions. Simone has worked with federal, state and local agencies both as a Project Associate at Triangle and in her previous position as a NOAA Coastal Management Fellow in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Simone has helped engage local stakeholders for a bridge replacement project in King County, supported project management for the multi-state Columbia River System Operations Fish Technical Team, and developed stakeholder engagement reports and social indicators for the local National Estuary Program in New Hampshire. Simone has an aptitude for understanding diverse priorities and perspectives, and she is skilled at building consensus and integrating goals and ideas across various interests.

Simone has excellent writing, research, and analysis skills, and she is fascinated with finding engaging ways to communicate technical or complex information regarding natural resource management. Her expertise includes coastal management, climate adaptation, water quality and wetland issues. Simone holds a Master of Science in Earth Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, both from Stanford University. Simone grew up in Seattle and is passionate about the ecosystems and natural resources that make the Puget Sound region such a unique and wonderful place to live. She is dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of both people and the landscape and loves to work on projects that engage a diverse array of stakeholders while thinking creatively, collaboratively, and inclusively about sustainability in the Pacific Northwest. When she is not at her desk or in the field, Simone can be found on a long-distance run, at home testing new baking recipes, or behind the lens of a DSLR camera. If you still can’t find her, she’s probably in California.

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