The Triangle Team


Alex Sweetser


Alex Sweetser joined Triangle in 2020 and has extensive experience in natural resource and habitat issues, stakeholder engagement and public outreach, tribal treaty rights, and government-to-government relations. Alex is passionate about the interdisciplinary linkage between environmental science and policy and facilitating fair and knowledgeable decision-making between multi-party groups. In this space, they enjoy learning about the socio-ecological background of environmental issues to find solutions that promote the long-term wellbeing of landscapes and communities while addressing historic and ongoing environmental injustice.  

Alex holds an M.M.A from the University of Washington’s School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, as well as a B.A. in Psychology and Brain Sciences from Boston University. Their graduate work involved qualitative interviews with members of the public, government staff, and tribal staff to promote equitable social and salmon recovery outcomes in decision-making. Prior to joining Triangle, Alex conducted research on coordination of salmon habitat recovery and hatchery management as a Sea Grant Hershman Fellow for the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. 

In their free time, Alex enjoys musicals, story-driven podcasts, exploring Washington parks, and biking. 

Alyssa Bonini

Managing Associate

Alyssa Bonini is a trained mediator and facilitator with a combined 5 years of experience in collaboration, facilitation, community engagement and consensus building. As a member of Triangle’s Facilitation and Public Involvement team, Alyssa provides project management, coordination, and facilitation support to natural resource projects and specializes in matters concerning the National Environmental Policy Act and Endangered Species Act compliance.

Prior to joining Triangle in 2021, Alyssa worked at the John S. McCain III National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution where she supported clients from federal, state, and Tribal governments on matters relating to freshwater and river basin management, forests and biofuels, Government-to-Government consultation, and climate change. Alyssa holds a M.S. in Conflict and Dispute Resolution and a J.D. with a concentration in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from the University of Oregon School of Law. She served as a Community Health Outreach Volunteer with the Peace Corps in Limpopo, South Africa from 2012-2014.

During her free time, Alyssa can be found running, biking, and climbing in and around her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Angela Kelley

Assembly Actor

Angela Kelley started with Triangle in 1999 and has performed for over ten years in a variety of assemblies for the King County’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Schools Program. Her strength and diversity as an actor means she can create a wide range of characters that bring to life the messages of the assembly year after year. Most recently, she also appeared in the Seattle City Light assembly, Shrinking Bigfoot, which educates students about their carbon footprint and how they can reduce it.

Angela is a committed educator and able to handle large audiences of active children effectively, as well as smaller groups in classroom settings. She has written, produced and directed musicals for a variety of elementary schools. Currently, she teaches acting, voice and singing to all ages and is a professional voice-over artist.

Anna Hamilton

Project Associate

Anna Hamilton joined Triangle in 2022 as a Project Associate based in Portland, Oregon. As a member of the Facilitation and Public Involvement team, Anna works on a range of natural resource projects, supporting coordination, project management, communications, and meeting facilitation. She is passionate about the role of community involvement in support of environmental decision-making that is durable, equitable, and informed. 

Anna earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Francophone Studies with a minor in Government and Legal Studies from Bowdoin College in 2020. Prior to joining Triangle, Anna worked on political campaigns, community organizing, and communications. 

Outside of work, Anna can be found playing guitar, hiking around Oregon and Washington, and baking bread. 

Anna Shepherd


Anna Shepherd joined Triangle in 2021 as a Natural Resources Project Associate. Anna provides wide-ranging support for facilitation and   public involvement projects, driven by a commitment to creating spaces for inclusive environmental decision making. A Portland, Oregon native and lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Anna has a deep appreciation for the role that our natural resources play in shaping and supporting our communities. Anna comes from an Environmental Education background and believes that the best environmental decisions are made when stakeholders have access to culturally relevant information and engagement. She has worked on a broad range of projects to educate communities and facilitate meaningful dialogue around environmental issues, ranging from facilitating productive partnerships between environmental stakeholders and federal agencies to helping to lead advocacy trainings for youth access to the outdoors. Anna holds a M.A. Ed in Urban Environmental Education.

In her free time, Anna enjoys hiking in the North Cascades and Olympics, running on urban trails, kayaking in the ocean, and just spending time outside with friends and family, especially her dog, Guess. When not doing these things, you can find Anna planning her next road trip, cooking with her partner, or enthusiastically failing at vegetable gardening.

Annalise Ritter

Graphic Facilitation Contractor

Annalise Ritter is a graphic facilitator and environmental public policy professional who supports collaborative decision-making in natural resource management, urban planning, and environmental health. Drawing from her background in environmental education and visual arts, Annalise helps groups of stakeholders communicate about and solve complex problems using visual tools that engage participants’ creativity and unique knowledge. She employs environmental justice and equity principles to create inclusive spaces for dialogue and collaboration at the nexus between government agencies, community organizations and members, tribal governments, private companies, and the public. She is known for her people-focused facilitation style and her ability to communicate highly technical information to a wide variety of audiences.

Annalise holds a M.A.Ed. in Urban Environmental Education from Antioch University Seattle and IslandWood. She trained in graphic facilitation at the Grove Consultants in San Francisco, CA and at Visualizing Change in Oakland, CA. Locally, she completed the City of Seattle’s People’s Academy of Community Engagement (PACE) program.

Annalise is also a dancer, an aerialist, and an avid student of languages ranging from Spanish to Japanese. You can often find her exploring new ecosystems, traveling, learning choreography on lunch breaks, and honing her acrobatic skills.

Annie Kilburg Smith


Annie Kilburg Smith is based in Portland, Oregon, and has over 10 years of experience providing mediation and facilitation services for dispute-resolution processes with government entities. Annie began her professional career working in a litigation setting and learned that collaborative problem-solving with engaged participants makes for better decisions. Annie now works on natural resource and environmental policy projects in collaboration with diverse community groups, stakeholders and Tribal, federal, and state representatives to facilitate neutral third-party dialogue and conflict resolution.

Annie has both a structured style and adaptable conflict resolution skills, which lend themselves to working in any setting with confidence and calmness. Her experience working in areas with diverse interest groups stems from growing up in rural Oregon and now residing in urban Oregon. This contributes to her ability to bring a wide lens of opinions and varied expertise together to look for opportunities to bridge those dialogues. Annie is an expert in organization, facilitation, and project management. She provides opportunities for groups to collaborate, resolve issues, and develop mutually acceptable solutions through consensus-based decision-making.

Ariahna Jones


Ariahna Jones is based out of the Eastern Washington office and brings over 18 years of experience in natural resource management to the Facilitation and Public Involvement team.  She draws on a diverse background from working across multiple disciplines including water resource management, forestry, environmental education, and recreation management.   

At Triangle, Ariahna supports a range of natural resource management projects through thoughtful community engagement, project management, and facilitation.  She is committed to creating authentic connections and working towards collaborative solutions to complex environmental challenges. 

Ariahna holds an M.Sc. in Integrated Water Resource Management from McGill University, a B.A. from Western Washington University in Natural Resource Management, and minors in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Environmental Education.   

Outside of Triangle, Ariahna is always looking for ways to create a more resilient and sustainable community and serves as the Executive Director for Waste Loop, a nonprofit based out of Leavenworth with the mission to transform ‘waste’ into sustainable resources. Beyond work and community activities, Ariahna enjoys sailing, whitewater rafting and hiking. 

Aspect Research + Evaluation

Since 2009, Aspect Research + Evaluation has helped education and community-focused organizations design and carry out evaluation projects that contribute to equitable and innovative experiences across settings in STEM, place-based, and environmental education. Aspect works with partners to answer meaningful questions and tell important stories for internal and external audiences, with a focus on evaluation for social justice, racial and gender equity, and participatory approaches. 

Barbara Taylor

A natural resource planner and writer/editor, Barbara offers 25+ years of experience working with state and federal agencies, Tribes, local groups, private businesses, and other partners to develop and communicate effective approaches to restore healthy fish populations and the habitats that sustain them.  She believes strongly in tackling complex issues through collaborative relationships and creative problem solving, and strives to broaden awareness of key challenges and solutions through clear and effective written communications.

Bert Hopkins

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Manager

Bert Hopkins is the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Manager for Triangle Associates. While he has a breadth of experience as a facilitator, his focus has been working for racial justice as a consultant, trainer, and educator. The core of his work has been opening space for the groups he works with to engage authentically and deeply in order to move from individual awareness to collective action. He supports folks in navigating the tensions between the social and technical, the process and outcomes, the head and the heart, in order to develop shared strategies and solutions. 

Bert has an MA in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University Seattle and a BA in Psychology from Baylor University. Prior to joining Triangle, he was in a similar role at Planned Parenthood, spent several years consulting and offering public workshops, taught middle school at Seattle Girls’ School, and started his professional journeys in variety of IT roles in education. 

In his free time Bert loves to be outdoors, especially on or in the water, but always makes time to go into the dojo and keep up a 23-year karate practice. He is an avid permaculturist and natural builder, and he finds healing in growing food, cooking and eating it, and creating the spaces that hold all of these. He builds community this way, as well, including organizing white men to show up and decolonize in the kitchen as they cook for movement events. 

Betsy Daniels

Co-President and Senior Associate

Betsy Daniels is Co-President of Triangle and has served as a facilitator and dispute resolution professional for over 25 years within federal and state regulatory frameworks for natural resources and the built environment. She joined Triangle in 2005 and is sought out for her experience with multi-stakeholder collaboration where the need for conflict prevention or dispute resolution may exist. She provides her clients and the parties involved with a fair process by ensuring procedural, substantive, and emotional needs are met through a customized approach.

Betsy is known for facilitating projects that are complex and controversial and that include parties in conflict. Her resume includes a broad range of experience, primarily in the Western U.S. but extending nationally. Her expertise is in the design and facilitation of multi-jurisdictional and multi-party processes, department and agency strategic planning, policy and technical level facilitation, interdepartmental workshops, and high profile public involvement.

Betsy is proud to have co-led the development of Triangle’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan to ensure Triangle’s employees reflect the broad range of communities Triangle works with and that the company promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organizational culture and all of our services. She has a bachelor’s degree and Resources Management Certificate from the University of Hawaii, a master’s degree from the University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs,  and a mediation certificate from the University of Washington School of Law.

Calvin Go

Education and Outreach Specialist

Calvin Go joined Triangle in February 2022 as a Classroom Presenter/Environmental Educator serving in the greater Spokane region. He fully joined Triangle in the Seattle offices in August 2022 as an Education & Outreach Specialist. 


He graduated from Gonzaga University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a minor in Communication Studies. Throughout college, he volunteered with Spokane Public Schools in an after-school program for elementary school students called Zag Study Buddies. 


After graduating from university, Calvin worked in sustainable energy as a Resource Management Specialist. Soon thereafter, he put a pause on work to travel and serve as a Wildlife Conservation Intern in Costa Rica. 


During his free time, Calvin loves exploring around Seattle and discovering new things! His interests also include listening to podcasts, reading about the environment, traveling to new places, and movies and music. In the past few years alone, Calvin has been to concerts for Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Taylor Swift! 

Chanin Kelly-Rae Consulting

Chanin Kelly-Rae
My superpower is building leaner, more effective organizations.

Chanin Kelly-Rae is the Founder and CEO of Chanin Kelly-Rae Consulting, a Diversity Management firm that specializes in Organizational Equity Needs Assessments & Strategic Planning, Meeting Facilitation, Training and Learning Experiences, Policy Development, Speaking and Executive Coaching.

“Build Nothing for Them, Without Them” is her guiding philosophy when bridging gaps and conducting life changing work in organizations across the world. Founded in 2001, she has helped leaders and stakeholders deliver on their commitment to maintain diverse, inclusive, and equitable spaces. The goal is to identify the divide between leadership intent vs decision making impact and find solutions where people feel trusted, valued and respected. Success is both quantitively and qualitatively measured. Finally, there is shared ownership across all business verticals impacting internal and external progress relative to people, processes and profits.

Service is a family tradition and philanthropy is a way of life thanks to her enterprising parents who taught her the value of bringing everyone to the table. Today, as a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, Chanin is a respected and highly sought-after expert in her field.

Learn more at

Cheryl Klotz


Cheryl Klotz joined Triangle’s Facilitation and Public Involvement team in 2021. Her passion is in community capacity building and engaging people in actively shaping their shared spaces. Cheryl trusts that local people hold valuable expertise about their communities and the places they inhabit and work to bring their voices to the forefront in community planning and decision making.

Cheryl’s expertise is rooted in process-oriented work —facilitating collaborative teamwork, analyzing and improving processes, and designing community engagement strategies, tools, activities, and events. She takes a whole systems approach to creating processes and spaces that foster social and ecological resilience, strengthen equity, and encourage diverse and inclusive participation.

Cheryl holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning (MUP) and a certificate in Urban Design from the University of Washington and a bachelor’s degree in Technical Theatre from the University of Virginia. Her eclectic background also includes training in participatory placemaking, collaborative design, equity advocacy, community engagement, asset-based community development, permaculture, and natural building.

Outside of work, Cheryl enjoys pressing cider, hosting community book swaps, playing board games, and creating oddball opportunities for community connection. Raised on Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, she is thrilled to be becoming the kind of neighbor she’s always loved.

Claire Casey

Education and Outreach Specialist

Claire Casey joined Triangle in 2023 as an Education and Outreach Specialist with over 3 years of education experience. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2019, receiving her B.S. in Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management and her minor in Marine Biology. During her time at UW, she became passionate about equitable access to education and wanted to find a career that would blend her degree and love of working with students. 

After graduating, Claire found herself in various education roles, from leading summer camps and after-school science and engineering classes for elementary students, to working for the Seattle School District as a K-12 substitute teacher. Prior to joining Triangle, she worked on creating, developing, and teaching free, outdoor-based STEM programs for East African Diaspora youth and their families in South King County. Currently, Claire is excited to grow in her career and work alongside students and the greater community. 

Outside of work, Claire can be found cooking and baking for friends and family, attempting a new crochet project, or finding a sunny spot outside, preferably near a body of water. 

Claire Mendelsohn

Administrative Director

Claire Mendelsohn joined Triangle Associates in 2014. She worked with the Education Team until 2019 at which time she was recruited to improve internal communications systems and provide first line tech support to a growing team. After serving as Triangle’s Communication Manager for four years, Claire moved into the Administrative Director position. This role allows for both a deep dive into systems analysis and design as well as direct actions that promote and ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Claire’s background includes a Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University, eleven years as a secondary science teacher, field work centered around the affects of land use history on the Dendrobates pumilio (a Costa Rican poison dart frog), a B.S. in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Kentucky and a Science Teaching Certificate from the University of New Mexico. As an educator, she specialized in creating engaging curriculum that fostered a spirit of inquiry, a joy of learning and the desire to experiment. Before coming to Triangle, she worked with Austin Energy Green Building and US Environmental Protection Agency Region 10.

In her personal life Claire co-founded Art+Tech+Trash and is an insatiable maker, combining reuse materials and responsive LED technology.


Cole Dil-de Sa

Project Associate

Cole Dill-De Sa joined Triangle’s Seattle office in 2023 as a project associate after graduating from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in earth systems and environmental justice. His experience lay at the intersection of resource management and community engagement, having published research under the USGS Hawai’i on coastal fisheries management as well as alongside folks at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and the Karuk Tribe on the social impact of dam removal on the Klamath river. He is excited to carry this experience into his work at Triangle. 

Cole is from Hilo, Hawai’i—he enjoys surfing, skating, & boarding, music & concerts, sipping coffee, and closely appreciating the somewhat gauche parts of life. 

Danielle Jochums


Danielle Jochums is based in Portland, Oregon, and has over nine years of experience working with culturally diverse community groups. As a biracial and multicultural individual herself, she centers equity and inclusion in all she does, striving to make every person she works with feel accommodated and heard.  

Prior to joining the team at Triangle, she led the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization’s involvement with the Promise Neighborhood Initiative, a five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education bringing six community-based organizations together to support the students and families of the most underserved school district in Oregon. She has also worked with the Asian and Pacific American Network of Oregon and various organizations for Teaching English as a Second Language in Portland.  

Danielle received her B.A. in Applied Linguistics and Psychology from Portland State University as well as a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. In her coursework and research, she focused on identity, group dynamics, and intercultural communication. She also has a certificate in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University.  

Currently, Danielle works on natural resource and environmental policy projects in collaboration with diverse community groups, stakeholders, and Tribal, federal, state, and local government representatives. In her free time, she enjoys writing, gardening, and spending time with her many pets. 

Drew Katz


Drew Katz joined Triangle’s Facilitation and Public Involvement team as an Associate in 2023 and brings 18 years of experience in sustainable food systems, agriculture supply chains, natural resource management, climate action planning, and community outreach. Drew holds an M.Sc. in Agroecology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and a B.A. from Lewis and Clark College in Sociology and Anthropology. He is an experienced project manager and community engagement specialist, and a trained facilitator with a passion for Art of Hosting and Liberating Structures facilitation methods. 

At Triangle, Drew leads and supports a range of natural resource management and climate adaptation projects in Central and Eastern Washington. He designs and facilitates participatory processes that invite collaboration and encourage problem-solving between diverse stakeholders around complex environmental and social issues. Drew is currently implementing an outreach and engagement strategy for the Enloe (Similkameen) Dam Removal Feasibility Study, and advising on Tribal engagement best practices for multiple Programmatic Environmental Impact Statements (PEIS) related to utility-scale alternative energy infrastructure siting across Washington State.  

Prior to joining Triangle, Drew was the Community Engagement Coordinator for The Methow Valley Citizens Council and worked to elevate rural voices in policy-making decisions around climate action, water conservation, forestry management, and air quality protection across North Central Washington.  

Outside of work, Drew spends his time enjoying the seasonal changes and rugged beauty of the Methow Valley via foot, boat, bike, and skis. 









Elizabeth Cameron

Education & Outreach Specialist

Elizabeth Cameron joined the Triangle team in 2022 with over 5 years in education and environmental work. Elizabeth taught middle school and high school science in Chicago before moving to Seattle and working in environmental education and urban conservation for nonprofit organizations. She is excited to get back into classrooms delivering hand-on workshops for secondary students. Elizabeth has a passion for teaching folks about the natural environment, how to protect it, and ways to enjoy it. She holds a B.Sc. in conservation biology from the University of Wisconsin and a M.A.Ed from Relay Graduate School of Education. Elizabeth spends most of her time outside of work exploring the outdoors, practicing yoga, and enjoying all sorts of live music with friends.

Emilie Pilchowski

Project Associate

Emilie Pilchowski joined Triangle in 2023 as a Project Associate based in Seattle, Washington. Emilie currently provides support for a range of public policy projects with a focus on the built environment. Her work has always been deeply rooted in community and equity. She is experienced in community organizing, relationship building, storytelling, and qualitative data analysis. Prior to joining Triangle, Emilie worked as a climate resilience and environmental justice community organizer for a bipoc led community-based organization empowering frontline communities. She also has digital communication experience with environmental non-profits across the Pacific Northwest. Emilie is passionate about community-led planning and creative content development to create engaging, informative, and accessible materials. Emilie earned her B.A. in Government from Colby College with minors in Anthropology and Environmental Studies.   


Outside of work Emilie can be found enjoying coffee shops in Seattle, hiking with her dog, Tillamook, and spending time near the water.  


FDG Web is a boutique software and web development shop located in the Seattle area that specializes in effective & efficient web design & development. In addition, we build mobile apps, enterprise apps and help our clients maintain their websites, shopping carts and marketing efforts. 


Gina Duche


Gina Duche has been working professionally in finance for over thirty years. She is a writer and musician, and since she is passionate about the interrelationship between healing and creativity, she developed a technique The Art of Dream Alchemy, whereby she guides her students in using the dream soul and mythology, as a template for healing the personal psyche and soul of the world. She will tell you stories, while serving her favorite medicinal mushroom tonic, and she will invite you to listen to music, while pouring her favorite natural wine. 

Hallie Sykes

Education Associate

Hallie Sykes joined Triangle in early 2022. Her work involves delivering educational programming on conservation topics to local schools and inspiring younger generations to practice thoughtful resource stewardship.  In her 10 year nonformal education career so far, she has experience teaching students about recycling, water quality and conservation, compost, energy and more and is thrilled to continue this important effort with Triangle.

Hallie has a B.A. in Environmental Science and holds a certification for environmental education through the Colorado Alliance for EE, and is trained to support Next Generation Science Standards and student-driven inquiry. After several years doing interpretation at a Colorado wetlands nature center, Hallie moved to Washington and worked in a multi-industry partnership with WSU Extension in an effort to bring commercially made compost to local farm fields through outreach and research trials. Next, combining her experience in sustainable agriculture and environmental education, Hallie spent five years hosting farm-based field trips in the Snoqualmie Valley, developing curriculum in collaboration with a team of farmer educators and managing an educational children’s farm. In addition to her work at Triangle, she continues garden-based education & school garden support, as well as experiential summer camps and field trips. Hallie uses filmmaking as a platform for education, and has produced nearly 100 educational films, including on her own YouTube channel.

Hallie enjoys travel, camping, exploring the great outdoors and sharing meals with her community of friends. Her self-designated happy place is at a farmer’s market or around a firepit, or enjoying a movie at home with her husband and cat.

Hilary Wilkinson


Hilary Wilkinson joined Triangle in January 2023 and brings over 20 years of experience to the facilitation and public involvement team. She is an experienced science communicator, facilitator, and mediator focused on helping complex natural resources and sustainability initiatives succeed. Highlights of her work include supporting Ports in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating for climate change impacts; helping West Coast jurisdictions build stronger oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response capabilities and programs; gaining community support for contaminated site cleanups in the Duwamish River and Bellingham Bay; initiating policy changes at the state and federal levels to address abandoned and derelict vessels; elevating the understanding and application of Green Stormwater Infrastructure practices; improving elk herd management in the North Cascades; restoring tidal estuaries in the Skagit Delta; advancing protections for endangered albatross; and more.

Hilary is committed to designing and implementing innovative, equitable, and highly collaborative processes that are informed by science and that build trust and buy-in across diverse audiences. She is passionate about supporting natural resources professionals in all sectors to build the collaboration and engagement skills needed for success. She has helped design and deliver a variety of popular trainings to accomplish this, including: conflict resolution in natural resources management; building effective stakeholder outreach and engagement; and science communication for environmental professionals.

Hilary has a BS in Political Science from Occidental College, a Master in Public Administration (MPA) from Indiana University, and a Master of Science in Environmental Science (MSES) from Indiana University.

Prior to working at Triangle, Hilary was a co-founder and owner of Veda Environmental.

In her free time, she loves to ski, hike and swim in the spectacular mountains, lakes, rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest with friends and family, including her husband, Scott, and 11-year-old daughter, Jayda.

Jeff Welke

Education Associate

Jeff Welke joined the Triangle Education Team in 2021 with 4 years of experience in Pre-K education and environmental outreach. At home in the forests of Cascadia, they bring the wonders of the natural world to the classroom and outdoor setting. Their environmental education work is primarily focused on helping communities to understand and positively develop their relationship with their local ecology.

Outside of teaching, Jeff works as a forest steward in the city of Seattle, coordinating volunteer events, creating healthy forests and connecting people to their parks. They are continuing to work in their community on problems of racial and environmental justice, with a focus on equitable urban planning, land use, and food access.

Jemimah McAleer

Education & Outreach Specialist

Jemimah McAleer  joined the Triangle education team in 2022 with a background in education research and environmental education. She received a B.S. in microbiology from the University of Washington, where she worked alongside the biology department to promote active learning with STEM classrooms. After graduating, Jemimah worked in multiple different environmental education positions, and soon landed herself in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. While there, she taught K-12 students about island ecology and shared her love for nature. Currently, she is continuing her learning through completing a Masters of Education in Leadership and Critical Education Change through the University of Washington. Jemimah is excited to be a part of the Triangle team and share her love for teaching and the environment. 

Outside of work, you can find Jemimah hiking in the mountains, on the water with her paddleboard, or searching for the best coffee shops in the city. 

Jennifer Scales

Education Associate

Jennifer Scales joined the Triangle education team in 2019 with over 12 years of experience in environmental education and youth programing. Her expertise is in delivering and developing engaging hands-on programs for youth and adults. She is an enthusiastic educator and has worked in both formal and informal education settings.

Jennifer holds a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. in Environmental Studies and is eager to share her passion and knowledge with diverse audiences. Her past work includes program management for the City of Charleston’s litter prevention and waste responsibility programs, serving as a county agent for South Carolina’s 4-H Youth Development, presenting and guiding programs for Zoo Atlanta, and serving as a naturalist for the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Throughout her career, Jenn has emphasized the importance of positive youth development, believing that to inspire and empower future environmental leaders you must first spark their interest, curiosity, and passion.

Jennifer spends most of her free time outside exploring local parks with her dogs or finding new places to hike. She has a wide range of hobbies including horseback riding, archery, crafting, and boardgames.

Joy Juelson


Joy Juelson joined Triangle in May of 2018 and brings over 20 years of natural resources management and stakeholder engagement experience to the facilitation and public involvement team. She has worked across many scientific disciplines including: fisheries, ecology, and forestry/fire in multiple sectors including: Public Utility Districts, non-profit, environmental consulting, county and Federal government entities. Additionally, Joy has worked closely with tribal governments.

Her breadth of salmon recovery experience is extensive from field research to implementation of recovery projects. As a salmon recovery habitat project sponsor and manager, she developed and implemented over 18 large habitat recovery projects that reconnected floodplains, removed barriers, and added complexity to rivers. She was also the Salmon Recovery Lead Entity Coordinator for a decade and managed an annual funding allocation processes for over 5+ million dollars from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) to align funding with prioritized recovery actions identified in a Regional Salmon Recovery Plan. This work gave her the foundation for the people and policy-based work that she achieved while facilitating regional implementation teams, regional technical teams, habitat design teams, watershed and stakeholder meetings in implementing a Salmon Recovery Plan in the Upper Columbia Region.

Some of the successful projects Joy has worked while at Triangle include the Columbia River System Operations Environmental Impact Statement – Fish and Wildlife Technical Team, Montana State Secretarial Order 3362: Big-Game Winter Range and Migration Corridor Workshop, Washington Salmon Coalition Annual Retreat, King County Baring Bridge Replacement Public Involvement Process, and Oregon Department of State Lands Rulemaking for Aquatic Resources Mitigation Framework. Joy earned a M.S. in Natural Resource Policy from Central Washington University in 2001. Joy is trained in citizen’s engagement by the Institute for Participatory Management & Planning, Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings by the NOAA Office of Coastal Management, and Advanced Facilitation Training by Clarity Consulting.

Over the years, Joy has developed techniques and tools useful for moving diverse groups toward a common goal and believes some of the most important gifts she brings to a collaborative process are deep listening skills, humor and a calm and focused demeanor. Outside of the office, Joy loves to travel internationally to gain new cultural perspectives.

Kate Galambos


Kate Galambos joined Triangle in 2023 as a Project Associate on the Facilitation and Public Involvement Team.  Kate’s diverse background in journalism, natural resource management, data systems, and mapping gives her the tools to help identify and communicate common goals among stakeholders. Prior to joining Triangle, Kate engaged agricultural producers in the Skagit valley to encourage voluntary enhancement and stewardship of riparian habitat as a part of Skagit County DNR. Her passion and expertise intersect in spaces of collaborative natural resource management that empower local knowledge and science-based strategies. 

Throughout her career she has supported nonprofit conservation groups both in the field and behind the desk. She conducted vegetation morality surveys at riparian restoration sites in Skagit County and worked for a North Central Washington land trust as the GIS and Data Manager. As her master’s research, she worked with the Entiat Ranger District to develop the Entiat Sustainable Recreation Strategy, which included the priorities of locals as well as trail condition data gathered via boots on the ground surveys.  

Kate earned her B.A. in journalism and political science and M.A. in environmental studies from Western Washington University (WWU).  

Outside of work, you’ll likely find her running Bellingham’s urban trail network, groovin’ at one of her partner’s concerts downtown, and having a one-sided conversation with her Golden-Doodle, Pippa.

Kevin Ha

Education & Outreach Specialist

Kevin Ha joined the Triangle team in 2022. His work involves teaching conservation and sustainability workshops to local schools and doing community outreach.

Kevin graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. After graduating, Kevin worked as a Wildlife Biologist, surveying fish and water quality to support hydroelectric projects in northern California. He then put a pause on this work to explore his interest in environmental education. Through AmeriCorps, he worked as a garden teacher at an elementary school, maintaining an edible garden space and teaching K-5 about living with the land. It was there he developed his love for teaching and fostering students’ connections to nature.

Kevin enjoys playing soccer and ping pong and finding community through these sports. He is new to Washington and is excited to explore nature and find his go-to spots for yummy food.

Kim Zamora Delgado

Project Associate

Kim Zamora Delgado joined Triangle in 2022 on the Facilitation and Public Involvement Team. Kim is a skilled researcher and community engagement professional who enjoys creating inclusive decision-making spaces and processes. 

Kim supports a range of clean energy projects, with a focus on equitable energy planning. She also coordinates community engagement efforts for projects related to affordable housing, transportation, infrastructure, land use management, and waste management. In all her work, Kim applies her knowledge of inclusive environmental decision-making as well as ecological and cultural conservation. Before Triangle, Kim was involved in non-profit sustainability projects, academic environmental research, and public policy work in California, Seattle, and Washington D.C. Kim graduated from Claremont McKenna College where she earned her B.A. in Environment, Economics and Politics and a minor in Public Policy. In her free time, Kim enjoys exploring both urban and natural spaces, watching movies, and dancing. 

Leandra Darden

Education Associate

Leandra Darden joined the Triangle education team in 2021 with 8 years of experiential and informal environmental education experience. Her past work in social emotional learning and diversity, equity and inclusion help her to create fun, engaging and transformative programing and meaningful experiences. As a woman and a person of color in science and education, it is her passion to inspire scientific inquiry, creativity, and a love for nature in all students.

Leandra has a B.S. in Marine Science from the University of Tampa. She has a passion for the ocean and has worked as an educator at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and interpreted marsh science at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. Her diversity of jobs throughout the country has allowed her build understanding of many different habitats and environmental issues.

Outside of work you can find Leandra looking at the invertebrates in local tidepools, crafting with friends and playing the newest board game.

Madeline Brooks

Project Associate

Madeline Brooks joined Triangle in 2023 as a Project Associate with the Facilitation and Public Involvement team. She brings a background in community engagement, public outreach, and communications to Triangle, and looks forward to incorporating her varied previous experiences into her current projects. 

Madeline earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Marine Biology with minors in Aquatic & Fisheries Science, and Public Policy at the University of Washington. While in school, she worked closely with the College of the Environment to help first year students find their community utilizing social media outreach and facilitating College wide events through the Dean’s office. She additionally worked with the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance developing environmentally based policy briefs and acted as Editor-in-Chief of the College’s undergraduate research journal during her college career.  

Prior to joining Triangle, Madeline worked in Southern Resident Killer Whale research, specifically focusing on the impact vessels have on whale behavior. Her favorite part of this multi-year project was the public outreach and community involvement she took part in to engage community members and educate visitors to the San Juan Islands on safe boater practices around whales. Her passion for facilitating these discussions and using public policy guide, inform, and educate is evident in her work. 

Out of the office, Madeline enjoys spending time at weekly trivia, exploring the Seattle food scene with her partner, and reading through her ever-growing library.  

Meg Harris

Managing Associate

Meg Harris joined Triangle as a Managing Associate in January 2023. She brings over ten years of experience in natural resources science and policy and has a strong scientific background in environmental toxicology and experience coordinating complex, multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Meg’s primary role at Triangle is to serve as the Executive Coordinator for the Pacific States / British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force (Task Force). Established in 1989 in response to the Exxon Valdez (AK) and Nestucca (WA/OR/BC) spills, the Task Force is a coordinating body comprised of oil spill professionals from state and provincial agencies throughout the west coast. The Task Force enables improved prevention, preparedness, and response capabilities across the region.

Meg earned an M.S. in Environmental Toxicology & Risk Assessment and a B.S. in Freshwater Ecology from Western Washington University, where she gained a passion for science communication to support public policy and decision making.

Meg finds joy in supporting her clients through thoughtful facilitation and partnership building. She firmly believes that environmental successes are rooted in well-informed, well-intentioned individuals across sectors and backgrounds who are committed to working together.

Meg enjoys time in the mountains and on the waters of the Salish Sea, especially reveling in any day spent playing outdoors with her two-year old daughter, Freya.

Megan Soland

Education & Outreach Specialist

Megan Soland joined the Triangle education team in 2022 with 8 years of outdoor and informal environmental education experience. Her expertise is in hands-on program development and delivery, with an emphasis on making ecological science and other complex systems accessible for all.

Megan has a B.S. in Marine Biology from CSU Long Beach and a M.S. in Environmental Studies & Community Education/Engagement from Prescott College. She has worked on education teams in zoos and aquariums across the country, including Salt Lake City, Long Beach, San Pedro, Savannah, and Tacoma. She also developed and taught an outdoor forest preschool here in Seattle. Her engagement with communities across the country developed her passion for equity and youth development while deepening her understanding of the systems that make up our lives.

Megan spends most of her time outside of work exploring the mountains via backpacking, rock climbing, and alpine touring/downhill skiing.

Melanie del Rosario


Melanie del Rosario joined Triangle in January 2023 as an Associate and brings ten years of experience in designing and implementing community engagement and public outreach programs to advance sustainability efforts. As a member of the Facilitation and Public Involvement team, Melanie provides project management, facilitation, and stakeholder engagement support to projects focusing on the built environment and sustaining natural resources.

Prior to joining Triangle, Melanie worked for three years at Veda Environmental in Bellingham where she developed innovative and collaborative outreach strategies and materials for local government, Ports, Tribes, and non-profits. Melanie earned an M.A. in Environmental Studies from Western Washington University where she led a two-year research project to study the influence of messaging strategies on sustainable behavior.

Melanie’s strengths lie in forging connections and encouraging dialogue to foster collaboration among project partners and the public. She is passionate about encouraging collective behavior change to improve policy processes and address environmental concerns using community based social marketing principles.

In her free time, you can find Melanie running the trails with her two dogs, skiing in the North Cascades and exploring the beautiful waters of the Salish Sea.

Michelle Oakley

Education Associate

Michelle Oakley joined Triangle Associates in May 2023 after spending 14 years as a classroom teacher. During her time in the classroom, Michelle taught science to students from kindergarten through tenth grade in both public and private schools from rural Maryland to New York City, and Woodinville, WA. At every opportunity, Michelle has helped schools develop lasting sustainability practices, create and maintain school gardens, and push students outside to explore their communities.  

Michelle holds a BA in History from Saint Mary’s College of Maryland and an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Washington. She has always been interested in helping kids and adults connect to their communities and natural environment. In her free time, Michelle loves to read, hike, bake challah, and exercise.  

Pauline Mogilevsky


Pauline Mogilevsky joined the Facilitation and Public Involvement team in 2020 as a community engagement professional. Pauline is passionate about using meaningful collaboration to strengthen decision-making for equitable, innovative, and sustainable communities. Her work includes connecting directly with community members through interviews, focus groups, and surveys to understand their perspectives about issues that affect them and their environment. She enjoys gathering and synthesizing community feedback in a way that ensures decision-makers can make informed choices that center impacted communities.  

Pauline holds a B.A. from Western Washington University in Environmental Studies with a focus in urban planning, a certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS), and a mathematics minor. Before joining Triangle, Pauline served as an AmeriCorps member at the City of Bellevue, where she coordinated a tree education program and supported community engagement projects for the Environmental Stewardship Plan update. 

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, practicing watercolor painting, and taking walks. 

Phoebi Crawford

Education Support Manager II

Phoebi Crawford has many years of experience as an office professional. Phoebi uses her organizational skills and multi-tasking abilities to support the Education Team. She performs a wide variety of administrative tasks and provides support and guidance related to project timelines, staffing needs, evaluation coordination, and workload planning. She successfully manages program marketing and scheduling for hundreds of teachers and thousands of students each school year. Phoebi’s efforts contribute to the smooth and seamless functioning and support of the Education Team as they work both in and out of the office and with schools across King and Snohomish Counties.

Before coming to Triangle, she put her office skills to use in several different industries including CrossFit, floral and event planning, and business consulting.

In her free time, Phoebi spends every possible moment with her family and friends. Phoebi’s hobbies include heavy lifting, designing flowers, scuba diving in the Puget Sound and any tropics she can get to, and watching/reading obscure, usually foreign, crime dramas.

Sara Gersten-Rothenberg

Co-President and Senior Education Associate

Sara Gersten-Rothenberg, Co-President of Triangle, holds over 25 years of experience in leadership, project management, environmental and arts education, community outreach and school program coordination. Sara brings deep knowledge of and experience with diverse school communities and an understanding of best practices in education and student cognitive development. Since joining Triangle in 2001, she has been leading teams in developing innovative and effective programs for public and private clients. Taking projects from inception through implementation and evaluation, Sara helps clients build important lasting relationship bridges to their local school communities. With a focus on topics such as waste reduction and recycling, climate change, environmental justice, renewable energy, and water conservation, Sara has been the creative force behind Triangle’s integration of theater arts into science-based programming. She is honored to have seen the inside of more than 3,000 K-12 classrooms.

As a company leader, Sara is instrumental in facilitating staff development and expansion of topic expertise. She is proud to have co-led the development of Triangle’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan, bringing an equity lens to Triangle’s internal organizational culture as well as to our work within the communities we serve.

Outside of Triangle, Sara is a creative re-use crafter, devoted parent, and former National and two-time World Champion Ultimate Frisbee player. Her favorite non-work activity continues to be playing with her family and trying to keep up with her two growing kiddos.

Sarah Strait

Communications Coordinator

Sarah Strait joined the Triangle team in 2022. She is passionate about bringing sustainability into business practices, increasing efficiency via process streamlining and automations, and supporting her colleagues. Sarah is currently Triangle’s Communications Coordinator. Her work includes assisting with internal processes and systems, tech support, leading Triangle’s Communications Team, and marketing. Prior to joining Triangle, Sarah spent several years freelancing in web design and marketing before starting a design and marketing business. She is currently earning her B.S. in Environmental Science from Southern New Hampshire University, after which she plans to pursue an MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance. 

In her free time, Sarah enjoys playing board and video games with her family, binge-watching her latest television interest, or playing/watching tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu. 

Scott Koh

Contract Educator

Scott Koh joined the Triangle education team in 2019 with over 25 years of Seattle-based experience in educational outreach and youth/adult programming and touring. Scott has a passion for inspiring young people through the arts, having worked in the non-profit arts sector in Seattle since arriving on the West Coast from Massachusetts 30 years ago. Scott brings a career-long focus on arts integration in the classroom, infusing existing curricula with dynamic instructional technique and inclusive learning strategies.

Scott holds a B.F.A. in Fine Arts from Boston University and is eager to share his passion and knowledge with diverse and underserved communities. His past work includes educational program management for the Seattle Repertory Theatre, the Seattle Children’s Theatre, and the Seattle Shakespeare Company. As an arts educator, he co-developed acclaimed programming, including Bringing Theatre into the Classroom (BTIC), an arts integration professional development model for educators, and the Teaching Artist Training Lab (TAT), a year-long intensive professional development opportunity for teaching artists state-wide.

Recently, he co-developed and piloted Rise Up, a trauma-informed professional development workshop for classroom teachers. Rise Up was launched nationally in the fall of 2019.

Scott spends most of his free time walking Greenlake, seeking out the best pan-fried noodles in Seattle, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest, including several favorite spots in Vancouver, B.C., and the Willamette Valley/coast of Oregon, hikes in the Cascades, and camping on the Olympic Peninsula.

Selma Adilagic

Finance Associate

Selma Adilagic joined Triangle Associates’s Finance team in January 2023. Prior to coming to Triangle Associates Selma worked in corporate environment for 11+ years. She holds B of S degree in Business Administration (Finance) from University of Oregon. Prior to Triangle Associates Selma worked for major companies in the Puget Sound area such as, The Boeing Company and Expedia Group. While working there, she held various roles in both Finance and Accounting fields.  

Selma is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnian is her native language. She enjoys spending time with her son, niece and nephew and her favorite pass time is playing and improving her tennis skills. She recreationally competes in local USTA leagues.  

Sophie Glass


Sophie Glass has worked on Triangle’s public policy team since 2014 and is a lead facilitator for urban planning issues. She brings people together to develop transportation, land use, and environmental justice policies. Sophie also specializes in public engagement so community members can shape the policies that affect their lives. Common threads throughout Sophie’s work include a commitment to social equity, clear information, and visual communication.

Some highlights from Sophie’s work include helping jurisdictions across Kitsap County allocate over $20 million in federal transportation funds. She also helped develop the country’s first roundtable with paid community participants to provide feedback to the US Environmental Protection Agency as they clean up the Duwamish River. Additionally, Sophie facilitated a taskforce that provided the Washington State Governor with 70 recommendations for how the state could support affordable housing.

Prior to joining Triangle, Sophie worked for environmental nonprofits in Colorado. She currently volunteers with organizations that address urban social and racial equity issues. Sophie holds a B.A. in Political Science and Environmental Issues from Colorado College and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Washington.

In her free time, Sophie loves making silly faces with her baby Emmett, hiking in Washington’s beautiful forests, and baking challah for Shabbat dinner.

Stevie Knapp

Education Associate

Stevie Knapp has worked on Triangle’s education team since 2018 and is a lead associate for waste reduction and recycling education. She is an experienced educator with over 9 years of experience in formal and informal education. At Triangle, Stevie works to develop innovative programs for private and public clients around recycling practices and preserving natural environments. Throughout her years, she has seen over 2,000 K-12 classrooms. Stevie brings a deep knowledge of and experience working with diverse communities both locally and globally. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the foundation for her work at Triangle. She implements DEI best practices for the education team. This includes having DEI at the forefront for program analysis, program development, team training, and more.  

Stevie has been the DEI Co-Chair since 2020 and is making large scale changes to organizational systems both externally and internally. Some examples of the work she’s been a part of include implementing a full day training for staff around DEI competencies, developing a DEI workplan, changing hiring practices, mentoring staff, and more.  

Prior to joining Triangle, Stevie worked for marine science non-profits locally and was conducting marine science research around the world on the impacts of plastic pollution. She holds a B.A in Conservation Marine Science and a B.S in Environmental Science from The Evergreen State College. Stevie also has a Masters of Biological Science, from Miami University, that studied the relationship between plastic pollution impacts on the marine environment and communities. Her degree held an emphasis on how to make science more accessible for socioeconomic communities. When Stevie is not working, she can be found around the city doing videography for local bands, facilitating talks on how to live a low waste life, and hanging out with her two cats Raisins and Hippo.  

Terence Kelley

Assembly Actor

Since joining Triangle in 1995, Terence Kelley has toured hundreds of elementary schools with King County’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Assembly Program. His physical acting style and high energy creates a memorable performance for all ages. He actively uses a range of exceptional tools for integrating theatre and environmental education, and conveys complex ideas in an engaging and fun manner.

Terence also writes, directs and choreographs musicals with all ages, from elementary through high school. He teaches at the University of Washington Summer Day Program, and is active on the theatre scene, often appearing at Seattle Children’s Theatre.

Thomas Christian


Thomas Christian joined Triangle in 2017 and helps government clients, stakeholders, communities, and tribal sovereigns engage each other in natural resource and public policy planning and decision making. Thomas grew up on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula where he was exposed to controversial natural resource issues at an early age, which informed his interest in the ways that communities work through social, cultural, and political conflict. Thomas is excited to work at Triangle because of the team’s commitment to help communities engage in decision making on issues that directly affect them.

Thomas is a trained facilitator and experienced natural resource professional. At Triangle, he has supported clients from tribal, federal, state, and local governments working on issues related to public lands, forestry, water resources, salmon recovery, and rural community development. His projects range from highly technical efforts that require significant project management support, such as the effects analysis for the Columbia River System Operation (CRSO) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), to the creative design of focused individual meetings, including a National Park Service workshop for partners working to promote winter range connectivity for large ungulates in the State of Montana.

Thomas holds an M.A. in Environmental Studies from Western Washington University (WWU) and a B.A. in History from Augustana College (IL). At WWU, he held a fellowship at the Border Policy Research Institute where he studied transboundary water governance and helped organize an international symposium on the renegotiation of the Columbia River Treaty, signed by Canada and the United States. Thomas also has experience working in the public sector for the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service, both agencies that Triangle has supported through many different collaborative efforts.

Outside of the office, Thomas loves to cook with his partner Claire, read about the history and geography of the West, and explore the mountains on skis and foot.

Zak Ott

Community Engagement Associate

Zak joined Triangle in 2023 and is an Associate with a focus on community engagement. He brings a background in political campaigning, working with community members, and data analysis. His willingness to learn new skills in policy has correlated with his resolve to advance social justice. Zak’s projects at Triangle span a range of topics from land use to transportation, to energy infrastructure, and other issues that impact our built environment. Zak is passionate about using community engagement to further conversations about complex issues.  

Zak Ott holds an M.A in Policy Studies from the University of Washington and a B.A in Political Science from Western Washington University.  

Outside of work, Zak enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs hiking, walking, and enjoying all the beauty the PNW has to offer, along with attending Mariners games and planning his next trip somewhere in the US or abroad.