Graphic Facilitation & Recording

Triangle offers graphic facilitation, recording, and design services tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. We produce visuals that enhance dialogues, allow for a wider range of participation and learning styles, and preserve a creative record of a group process. We work both in real time and behind the scenes to design graphic materials and creative ways to use them to help groups move toward a common goal. 

Because many human beings are visually oriented, working with words and images together helps people connect ideas in ways beyond what may emerge with only spoken dialogue and text. Triangle offers graphic facilitation, recording, and design services tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. Recent examples include:

  • Statewide public meetings on Salmon Recovery for the WA Governor’s Office – visualization of stakeholder feedback (see example A)
  • Internal Triangle team retreat – both in-person and virtual graphic-assisted visioning exercises (see examples below)
  • Seattle City Light Executive visioning meetings – virtual mapping of team skills and graphic-assisted virtual visioning activities
  • King County Metro Equity Cabinet virtual retreat – graphic-assisted online teambuilding and recording of event feedback
  • King County Metro engagement report – visualization of stakeholder feedback on Metro’s engagement practices
Example A: Stakeholder feedback on salmon recovery strategy​
Graphic Facilitator Annalise Ritter records live at a statewide public meeting on salmon recovery.​

By capturing thoughts from individuals in a group in a single place that everyone can see, graphic facilitation and recording allow people to feel seen, heard, and engaged in co-creation.

Our facilitators hold a wide range of experience and knowledge in the fields of natural resources management, land use, and the built environment. With it, we engage meaningfully with our clients in designing collaborative processes to tackle the difficult decisions that impact environmental and community health.​

Graphic Facilitation can be used when… 

  • Working through a complex decision-making process in a group
  • Brainstorming ideas for a project or process
  • Collecting and recording feedback from a group
  • Presenting information to an audience
  • Resolving conflict between parties who don’t see eye to eye
  • Creating interactive experiences for virtual meetings
  • Helping teams work better together
Example B: Triangle used a hand-drawn graphic to guide an internal team retreat session on Mural, a virtual collaboration program.​
Example C

Graphic Facilitation

For teams meeting in person, Triangle uses good old-fashioned markers and paper on the wall to capture and record conversations. Sometimes we enhance the image post-meeting to create a beautiful lasting product that can be displayed on a wall. 

Graphic Facilitation

For teams separated by distance, limited meeting space or a global pandemic, Triangle offers virtual graphic facilitation using a variety of digital platforms. We can customize the process to include varying levels of engagement by participants.

Example D

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