City of Bellevue Student Stormwater Action Campaigns – Pet Waste Pollution Prevention

SERVICE AREA: Youth Education



We develop materials and facilitate workshops for grades 3-7 that empower students to teach others how to reduce stormwater pollution by properly disposing of pet waste.


Project Description

Triangle designs and delivers “the solution to poo-llution”; a student pet waste action campaign on behalf of the City of Bellevue. Through this train-the-trainer style campaign, students in grades 3-7 learn the facts about the environmental impacts of leaving pet waste on the ground. To kick off each campaign, Triangle educators visit each school to facilitate an informative and invigorating workshop. During this hour, students work together to understand stormwater pollution and create posters, comic book pages, newsletter articles, announcements, and presentations to teach the larger school community and families why it is important to “scoop it, bag it, and trash it” when picking up after our pets.

Date : 2011 - present

Client : City of Bellevue

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