• Welcome to Triangle Associates

    Celebrating 35 years of work rooted in the belief that good information, genuine dialogue and participatory problem-solving are the foundations of a healthy democracy and a sustainable society.

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  • Port Hadlock Wastewater Planning

    Providing broad, fair public participation and clear communication about the sewer planning process.

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  • Sacred Sites

    Served as the national facilitator/coordinator to assist in the review of policies protecting American Indian and Alaska Native sites on forest system lands.

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  • Seattle City Light

    Developing and delivering lessons on energy conservation, climate change, and safety through classroom workshops, school assemblies, and professional development for teachers.

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  • Recycling Rock Stars Assembly

    WSRA Recycler of the Year for Outreach and Education

    Recognized for our achievements for our classroom workshops, school assemblies, and professional development in our communities by the Washington State Recycling Association.

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About Triangle

Triangle Associates is a consulting firm committed to helping people understand and resolve public policy issues and environmental conflicts.

Since 1979, Triangle Associates has provided effective facilitation & mediation, public involvement, and education services for local, regional and national clients.

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Our Services

Facilitation & Mediation

We provide neutral, third party facilitation and conflict resolution services for multi-party groups facing controversy, conflict or deadlock.

Public Involvement

Triangle has extensive public involvement experience within many sectors, including: Transportation, Environmental Review, Solid and Hazardous Waste, and Water, Wastewater and Stormwater.

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Our staff of professional educators deliver innovative, engaging programs that foster environmental ethics and behavior in youth and adult audiences.