Our Services

Triangle Associates takes a two-pronged approach towards cultivating informed decisions on the use of natural resources and the impacts of the built environment. On one side of the company, we help public and private agencies provide environmental education services to ensure that future generations have the information they need to make sustainable environmental decisions. On the other, we provide neutral, third-party services to government, private and non-profit leaders to ensure inclusive participation, clear access to information, and durable decision-making for today’s natural resource, transportation and land-use decisions.

Founded in 1979, Triangle has been integral in the cultivation of stronger, more durable environmental decisions on some of the most important issues of the last 40 years.


We are needed when…

Consequential government decisions on the built and natural environment require the input of parties that feel affected by the decision and/or the public, and a neutral third party helps them come together for dialogue and agreement.

Public, private or non-profit entities need a skilled educator to effectively communicate key resource conservation messages, promote positive behavior change, or create education materials to empower communities to be part of the solution.