Our Services

Founded in 1979, Triangle has been integral in cultivating durable decisions on some of the most pressing environmental issues of the last 40 years. To help foster informed decisions about natural resources and the built environment, Triangle takes a two-pronged approach: 

Public Policy

We provide neutral, third-party and project management services to government, private and non-profit leaders to ensure inclusive participation, clear access to information, and lasting decision-making for today’s natural resource, transportation, land-use, and public policy decisions. Services include:

  • Facilitation & Mediation
  • Public Involvement
  • Conservation Planning
  • Tribal Engagement
  • Graphic Facilitation & Recording
  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

Environmental Education

We help public and private agencies provide education, community outreach, and technical assistance to ensure that schools and other community groups have the information they need to make sustainable environmental decisions. 

  • School-based Youth Education
  • Community Education & Support
  • Sustainability Assistance
  • Waste Reduction Programs Technical Assistance

Triangle’s Commitment Statement

We stand firmly with Black Lives Matter and all marginalized people, and those working toward racial justice, equity, and inclusion. We stand with all oppressed people who live in a world made dangerous and unjust by systemic racism.  History and lived experience matter, and because of that, we declare ourselves as not impartial and not neutral about this issue – not in our private lives and not in our work.

For the full statement, please follow this link to our Diversity and Equity Page

Triangle’s Community Engagement Statement

Community engagement at Triangle Associates is rooted in concepts of equity and justice and aligns with our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Triangle’s community engagement strategic plan guides us to make connections between communities, governments and the private sector to foster individual and institutional change with the goal of providing a framework to guide the strategies and community engagement practices for Triangle’s work. Our efforts are grounded in the premise that community involvement is critical to the public decision-making process and empower communities to take active roles in the decisions that affect their lives and shape their environments. 

For the full statement, please follow this link to our Community Engagement Page

Where To Find Us

Triangle Associates has offices in four locations between Washington and Oregon:

Seattle, WA (main office)

Bellingham, WA

Leavenworth, WA

Portland, OR


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Triangle News

Teaching About Climate Change

With the start of another school year, our Education team reaffirms its dedication to advancing climate change education. From providing the basic science behind climate change to instilling a sense of climate justice, we strive to empower students to become stewards of our planet. Join us in this dialogue as we explore the key projects, unique tools, and overarching goals that define our mission in the realm of climate change education. To do this, we [...]

Project Spotlight: Bainbridge Island Housing Plan Community Engagement

In June 2023, the Bainbridge Island, WA City Council adopted its Housing Action Plan, which was informed by a robust community engagement process that Triangle led. The Housing Action Plan identifies steps that the City can take to meet its housing needs. It is based on a Housing Needs Assessment that included economic analysis of existing housing needs (conducted by ECONorthwest) as well as input from those who live or work on Bainbridge Island.     [...]

Triangle Partners with World Wildlife Fund to Continue Support for Food Waste Reduction Efforts in Schools

Did you know the average student wastes 39.2 pounds of food and 28.7 cartons of milk each school year1? Triangle is excited to dive back into our partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) this fall to support food waste reduction in schools! From helping schools navigate compost collection at lunch to providing student workshops highlighting the impact of food waste on our natural world, Triangle has engaged in food waste reduction efforts for decades.   Food waste is [...]