City of Bellevue Middle School Powerful Choices and Climate Change Workshops

SERVICE AREA: Youth Education



We develop curriculum and facilitate middle school classroom workshops that focus on climate change plus land, water and energy conservation.


Project Description

Triangle develops and delivers resource conservation workshops on behalf of the City of Bellevue. Powerful Choices is a two-day workshop for grade 6 students. Day one challenges students to examine how their personal shopping and waste habits contribute to their ecological footprint and affect the Earth’s land. Day two educates students about storm water pollution prevention as well as ways to reduce their water use footprint. These workshops have been so successful that a follow-up grade 7 workshop was developed in 2016. In this climate change workshop, students estimate their carbon footprint and identify ways to conserve energy. All workshops align with the Bellevue School District’s science curriculum and incorporate small-group problem solving activities.

Date : 2011 - present

Client : City of Bellevue

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