City of Everett Water Education Programs

SERVICE AREA: Youth Education



We develop and teach hands-on classroom workshops, grades 2-12, focused on water conservation, wastewater and surface water pollution prevention.


Project Description

Triangle designs and presents water education classroom workshops for grades 2-12 on behalf of the City of Everett. The water conservation programs include workshops for grades 2-12. Students learn where their water comes from, how it is used and treated, and what simple actions they can take to conserve this resource. Surface water programs include workshops for grades 3-8. These workshops provide students with a basic understanding of watersheds, surface water pollution, and choices they can make to prevent it. Wastewater workshops are designed for grades 6-12. They integrate an in-depth look at the wastewater treatment process, which pollutants can and can’t be removed from the system, and how to prevent pollutants from entering the system. Each workshop is grade-level appropriate, build off of concepts taught in the other workshops, and align with Washington’s Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Date : 2004 - present

Client : City of Everett

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