Seattle City Light Shrinking Bigfoot Program

SERVICE AREA: Youth Education



We design and deliver theatrical assemblies, classroom workshops, storytelling programs and teacher trainings focused on climate change and energy conservation, for elementary and middle schools.


Project Description

Triangle develops and delivers the Shrinking Bigfoot climate change program for Seattle City Light. Shrinking Bigfoot encourages elementary and middle school youth and their families to reduce their carbon footprint by understanding the connection between their actions and climate change. Triangle experts facilitate an elementary assembly, classroom follow-up workshops for elementary and middle schools, student action project assistance, and a teacher training program. We reach thousands of students per year, providing in-depth discussion, hands-on activities and online resources that teach students about climate change, energy conservation, renewables, and electrical safety. Shrinking Bigfoot supports the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative goals by providing targeted outreach and services to historically under-represented schools in its service area.

Date : 2008 - present

Client : Seattle City Light

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