City of Bellevue Elementary Schools Recycling Assembly and Workshop Program

SERVICE AREA: Youth Education



We design and deliver waste reduction and recycling theatrical assemblies with follow up classroom workshops for elementary students.


Project Description

Triangle provides waste reduction and recycling education programs to elementary schools on behalf of the City of Bellevue. The program addresses the City’s waste reduction and recycling goals through a school-wide assembly and individual classroom workshops for grades 1-5. Students learn about healthy habitats, the basics of decomposition, the structure of a landfill, and how to practice the 4Rs (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plus compost) to divert materials from the landfill. Our team has expanded the program to increase the number of classroom workshops offered, create student take home assignments, develop a classroom “Reuse Toolkit”, and implement evaluation instruments.

Date : 2004 - present

Client : City of Bellevue

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