City of Sammamish Kokanee Salmon and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Outreach

SERVICE AREA: Youth Education, Community Education & Teacher Support



We encourage the protection of kokanee salmon through stormwater pollution prevention by developing and teaching hands-on elementary school classroom workshops and fun, interactive community event booths.


Project Description

Using a King Conservation District grant, Triangle develops and delivers classroom workshops for grades 3-5 and community event booths on behalf of the City of Sammamish. Our programs raise awareness of the rare kokanee salmon living in local streams, as well as how our actions as community members can positively or negatively impact waterways and these “little red fish”. Triangle teachers introduce and remind both students and event goers about how to prevent stormwater pollution. Through interactive activities and exhibits as well as a pledge drive, participants begin to help protect kokanee salmon.  This outreach helps the City meet NPDES permit education requirements, and also aligns with the regional Puget Sound Starts Here campaign.

Date : 2015 - present

Client : City of Sammamish

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