Triangle Project Featured in 2022 EPA ECCR Report

Triangle Project Featured in 2022 EPA ECCR Report


Since 2020, Triangle Associates’ Portland, Oregon team has partnered with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 10 staff to support the Portland Harbor Collaborative Group. This group was designed by community leaders to provide an inclusive forum for those affected by or interested in the Portland Harbor Superfund Site cleanup. The overall goal is to facilitate a variety of open discussions between members of multiple groups, regardless of each group’s specific scope.

Each year, EPA releases its environmental collaboration and conflict resolution (ECCR) report to highlight key achievements in the field. We are proud to see our Portland team’s work featured in this year’s report (pages 11-12).

“With the guidance of [Triangle Associates], the Portland Harbor Collaborative continues to grow, improve, and adapt as a powerful venue for effective community involvement at a critical Superfund site in an overburdened community.” – ECCR Report

After developing the initial charter with community member and leader input, Triangle worked with various community members and groups as well as government organizations to gain buy-in. Triangle will continue working with EPA, the Portland Harbor Collaborative Group, and Portland community members throughout the Superfund Site cleanup. We are proud of our Portland team members who have done such a great job with this project.

Learn more about the Portland Harbor Collaborative Group and the Superfund site on EPA’s Site Profile, or visit EPA’s ECCR page for more information on the Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center.


Click below to directly access a copy of the FY 2022 EPA ECCR Annual Report:

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