Triangle Team Comes Together for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshop

Triangle Team Comes Together for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshop

Triangle Team

Since 2017, Triangle’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Plan has guided the work we do in order to further embed DEI principles into our work, Triangle staff from Seattle, Portland, Leavenworth, Bellingham, and Miami came together for a day-long DEI workshop in late March. Our six member DEI Committee designed the workshop, alongside DEI Consultant Karama Blackhorn, with a goal of translating DEI values into DEI skills through a set of “DEI Competencies.” These DEI Competencies are intended to guide our company internally and our work as practitioners.

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The DEI Committee spent six months leading up to the workshop systematically introducing core DEI Competencies and allowing staff members to develop questions, provide input, and prepare for the workshop.  The workshop consisted of presentations from DEI Committee members on DEI Competencies and how we can build those into our professional lives.

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The majority of the day was divided into breakout groups to create a more intimate environment for collaborative scenario contemplation, implementation of competencies amongst teams, and understanding competency levels for supervisors. These groups consisted of folks from the same team and from different teams to foster intentional connections with each other and allow everyone to be heard.

We are thankful for our DEI Committee members who put together this deep dive into DEI, and to our staff who gathered at our Seattle office for this important day.

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